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Facebook Groups App

Today, we’re introducing a new Facebook Groups app that helps people share faster and more easily with all the groups in their life. If you are a group ADMIN I prefer you must download this app, because the Facebook app doesn't have the admin panel to manage the group. We built this app with the people who use Groups the most in mind, like:

Here’s how it works:
When you open the app, you’ll see all your Facebook Groups in one place. Groups you use most frequently are at the top, and you can quickly move between each group.

Easily start a new group by tapping Create. --->

 You can also track notifications and easily control which notifications you want to see.

 In the new Discover tab, you’ll see groups suggested to you based on Pages you’ve liked, groups your friends are in and where you live.


 You can very easy to manage members and group settings by admin pannel..


You can still use Facebook Groups in the main Facebook app and on desktop, and over time we’ll continue to make those experiences faster and better, too.

Facebook Groups, part of Facebook Creative Labs, is available in all countries on Android and iOS today.


  1. Good idea but so buggy It's nice to have an easier way to access posts from groups, so I'm glad this is now available. But I can hardly use it at this point. It crashes, or won't load in the first place. It takes up so much in the way of system resources that I can't even leave it running in the background once I'm done with it. It's also slow to notify, so by the time it sends a notice of a new post, I've already seen it via the original Facebook app. Looking forward to improvements.

  2. FB Groups App This app is such a great idea. I love being able to pull my groups up on one page. This app can be soooo slow at times, and sometimes it won't even load. If it's acting up and you go to your regular FB page, it re-directs you back to the groups app. Not fun if you're trying to answer someone who tagged you, or follow along on a post. Great idea! Just hope they come up with some patches to streamline it.

  3. great idea... if it worked It's super buggy. Often it loads posts super fast but loading comments takes so long I give up and open the regular facebook app. Also, still can't edit group files on mobile. Please add this functionality! Lastly I'd like the option to disable group notifications altogether in the facebook app while keeping them going (to my specifications) in the groups app. Not having duplicate notifications would be great... *if* the groups app worked well, which it just doesn't quite yet.


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