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Lightweight Web Browsers for Android

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is one of the Lightweight Web Browsers for Android, Opera, insofar as it’s made by the same Norwegian company. But from a user perspective, the similarities pretty much end there.
Yes, you can connect up your settings, bookmarks, and so on from other devices using Opera Link, but it doesn’t have features such as ‘Discover’, while Speed Dial is decidedly less slick.
That said, Opera Mini is more about being fast and efficient for those on poor connections, or using lower-end devices, letting you choose whether to load images or not (and their quality), opt for a single-column view, and more. It’s about simplicity and saving money via its data-compression technology. Plus, for a ‘simple’ browser, it still packs in a fair amount of features, including a Smart Page for news and updates from your social networks, as well as saving pages for reading offline later.

Opera Mini is one of the fastest web browsers that you can install on your Android device. It packs a very user-friendly UI, it is fast and efficient and it reduces data cost using Opera-created software that compresses data as you browse the web. It features Speed Dial, Smart Page and tabbed browsing support.  Download Opera Mini from Play Store here.

UC Browser Mini

UC Browser Mini offers quick speed and advanced features, which could easily make it one of the best Android browsers available. It doesn't look better than the other premier browsers on Android. However, it offers so many ways to boost your browsing that you won't care.It is also be a best Lightweight Web Browsers for Android.

This app comes as a tiny version of the full UC Browser. The smaller size of UC Browser Mini lets it load pages noticeably faster than other browsing apps. Thanks to a desktop-like speed dial feature, getting to your favorite sites is even quicker. The app includes other features you love on your desktop like an incognito mode and a built-in downloads menu, too. Sadly, all of these extra features make
the app have very large and annoying menus. They make it easy to find your advanced settings, but they take up most of the page on smaller-screen phones. You can get around them with the browser's full screen mode, which looks like a fancy eReader app when you activate it. You can turn on the app's "night mode" to invert the colors for even easier reading.
When it comes to style and speed, few browsers can match what this one brings to the table. Even in a smaller form, it still has enough of the features you really want in your mobile browser. Some support for add-ons like you'll get with Opera, Firefox, and Dolphin might make it the perfect browser. As it is, UC Browser Mini is still worth loving, especially if you're a speed demon or browsing from a slower connection.

Dolphin Browser Mini

Dolphin Mini is the slimmer, faster version of our Editors' Choice mobile browser, Dolphin HD 7.3 (Free, 4.5 stars). As with its high-def sibling, you can navigate by custom gestures, set up Speed Dials, change your User Agent, and auto-translate pages. Dolphin Mini surpasses its direct rival Opera Mini in loading websites, supporting JavaScript, and the ability to change your User Agent to a mobile-optimized setting. Although it also supports Adobe Flash, I had trouble loading videos at times.

1. Intelligent semantic recognition

Sonar uses Google's built-in voice recognition API to translate your words to text, before using their Dolphin-specific backend to figure out what the words mean. Even in this initial build you get fairly impressive voice interaction. You can navigate to pages, add new tabs, and use popular social sites ("Facebook Kate Perry") to search for people. You can also direct Sonar to "Yelp" things if you want reviews of a new restaurant you are considering.

2. Various provided plugins
You saw an awesome video on YouTube, but YouTube did not offer a download right. You changed a browser, but lost tons of bookmarks at the same time. You interested in a game, but your storage was too small to install this app. Various plugins in dolphin browser make those problem solved.

3. Fresh Interface
Default setting of fresh green brings you breath of spring. Meanwhile, optional provided skins are Fabulous and you even can upload photos.

a little accounting your RAM.

If you're tired of polishing up the chrome or using your stock Android browser, you might want to give the Dolphin Browser a try. The developer claims over 100 million downloads on Android and iOS, and you can join them by clicking on the source-link.

Opera Mini beta

During the past months, we’ve given a lighter look and feel to our mobile browsers. In the same spirit, we have now made a new version of Opera Mini for Android to look and feel just as great.

You can get Opera Mini for Android beta from Google Play Store.

This beta version marks the start of a transition for Opera Mini for Android. Using Opera for Android as a starting point, we created a lightweight browser that runs on Android 2.3 and higher. We need your feedback on what works and what can be improved. We want to make sure that you are pleased with our product.

Features in Opera Mini for Android beta

With this beta version, you can of course get up to 90% data savings, saving you time and money while getting around the web faster.
We also added the option to browse privately with private tabs, letting you go anywhere on the internet without leaving a trace on your device.
Here’s what else you can expect after you download Opera Mini for Android beta:

Customize your layout

Choose between three different styles for your browser. Go to settings, select App layout and choose between: Phone, which maximizes the viewing area; Classic, which makes for easier one-handed navigation; or Tablet, which makes it easier to switch between tabs.

See your daily savings

Tap the Opera logo and get an overview of how much data you’ve used and how much you’ve saved.

Sync and share your bookmarks

Bookmark a site and don’t miss out on anything when switching between your phone and computer. You can also share your bookmarks with friends.

Manage your tabs easily

Get a good overview of all your tabs. Tap to open a tab, or swipe to remove one.

Save your favorite sites

Tap the “+” button on the combined address and search bar to save a page to Opera Mini’s Speed Dial start page, to your mobile bookmarks or to read it offline.
There’s a lot more to experience with the Opera Mini for Android beta – new features and styles – all waiting for you. This version will not impact your current version of Opera Mini on Android. So, try out the Opera Mini beta and let us know what you think.

You can also give your feedback in the Opera forums.

Lightweight Web Browsers for Android


  1. UC and Opera Mini come to mind. Both of the are snappy.

  2. I absolutely love Opera Mini, but have noticed it doesn't work on my Droid Turbo. Has anyone else experienced problems with Opera Mini recently? I would check out Atlas browser. Really fast and good. I agree with those who suggested UC Browser and CM Browser, but I find Atlas to be a little faster.

  3. I've found the stock Samsung browser (labeled "Internet") on my Note devices works best (ex. Note 2, Note 4, and OG Note 10.1).

    Otherwise I've found Chrome lags too much, so I always end up not using it or disabling it if it's included on a device (ex. like my Note 4). Tried CM browser for a while, but ended up having an issue with it where it appeared to lock up my device where my only option was a master factory reset via the recovery console (see my thread here: Had to hard reset to recover). It may not have been CM browser, but I've had no issues since I've stopped using it. I have Firefox installed as an alternate/secondary browser if needed (ex. for multi-window stuff). It works ok, but like Chrome tends to use too much RAM memory and lags.

    In the end, I like to use the K.I.S.S. principle, so I've yet to find any third party browser that works as well as the stock Samsung one

  4. Chrome's performance and stability is an absolute travesty for something that's supposed to be a headliner app on android.

    1. It is one of the most blaoted apps on my phone. You need a minimum of 2GB of RAM to use Chrome smoothly. I uninstalled updates and reverted back to the older version of Chrome, that is how bad it is.

  5. I'm not sure how it's been updated but when it came out Javelin browser seemed pretty snappy without a whole lot on top of it.

    I've tried a bunch of different browsers and finally got tired of Dolphin. Moved to Opera and I've been happy but I'm going to go back and take a look at Javelin again.

  6. Dolphin, love the tabbed browsing

  7. UC is the best for me even though it consumes more data than i would like. Opera mini refuses to work properly on my Moto phone. Chrome i completely avoid because its a data hog and slow even on 3G and buggy. The data saving mode in UC does not seem to save any data it appears although i like the various features in UC like day/night mode and page pre loading etc.

  8. I'm using Opera Mini at the moment. I'm inclined to try others because despite being fast, Opera Mini lacks certain browsing capability. Or maybe it's just me. Example:

    1. unable to load javascript from certain sites properly.
    2. When tapping on a link, it would re-load the same page. Over and over again.
    3. Closing a tab would not immediately stop it from loading the closed tab web page content (data drainer). I have to close the app to make it stop.

  9. Thank you... These browsers are really light weight for my low memory android device


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