080120035 Automobile Engineering

Anna University , Chennai
Department of B.E-Mechanical Engineering


Sixth Semester

Semester : 06

Department : Mechanical Engineering (MECH)

Year : Second Year (III Year)

Regulation : 2008

Subject Code : 080120035

Subject Name : Automobile Engineering

Content : 080120035 Automobile Engineering - curriculum, syllabus and Collection of Previous Year Question Papers.


ME2354                             AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING                         L T  P  C
                          COMMON TO MECHANICAL AND PRODUCTION            3  0  0 3

·    To  understand  the    construction  and  working  principle  of  various  parts  of  an
·    To  have  the  practice  for  assembling  and  dismantling  of     engine  parts  and transmission system

UNIT I     VEHICLE STRUCTURE AND ENGINES                                                           9
Types of automobiles , vehicle construction and different layouts ,chassis, frame and body, resistances to vehicle motion and need for a gearbox, components of engine-their forms ,functions and materials

UNIT II     ENGINE AUXILIARY SYSTEMS                                                                      9
Electronically  controlled  gasoline  injection  system  for  SI  engines.,  Electronically controlled diesel injection system ( Unit injector system, Rotary distributor type  and common rail direct injection system), Electronic ignition system ,Turbo chargers, Engine emission control by three way catalytic converter system .

UNIT III    TRANSMISSION SYSYTEMS                                                                         9
Clutch-types and construction ,gear boxes- manual and automatic, gear shift mechanisms,
Over drive, transfer box, fluid flywheel –torque converter , propeller shaft, slip joints,
universal joints ,Differential, and rear axle, Hotchkiss Drive and Torque Tube Drive.

UNIT IV     STEERING,BRAKES AND SUSPENSION SYSTEMS                                  9
Steering geometry and types of steering gear box-Power Steering, Types of Front Axle, Types of Suspension Systems , Pneumatic and Hydraulic   Braking Systems, Antilock Braking System and Traction Control

Use of Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Bio-diesel, Bio-ethanol , Gasohol and Hydrogen in  Automobiles- Engine modifications required –Performance ,Combustion and Emission Characteristics of SI and CI engines with these alternate fuels - Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Fuel Cell

Note:   Practical   Training   in   dismantling   and   assembling   of   Engine   parts   and
Transmission Systems should be given to the students.
                                                                                                                       TOTAL: 45 PERIODS


1. Kirpal Singh, “ Automobile Engineering Vol 1 & 2 “, Standard Publishers, Seventh
Edition ,1997, New Delhi
2.  Jain,K.K.,and Asthana .R.B, “Automobile Engineering” Tata  McGraw Hill Publishers,
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Collection of Previous Year Question Papers

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