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ME2201 Manufacturing Technology 1

Anna University, Chennai

Third Semester

Department of Mechanical Engineering

ME6302 Manufacturing Technology I
(Regulation 2008)

Semester : 03

Department : Mechanical Engineering (MECH)

Year : Second Year (II Year)

Regulation : 2008

Subject Code : ME2201

Subject Name : Manufacturing Technology I

Content : ME6302 Manufacturing Technology I - curriculum, syllabus and
Collection of Previous Year Question Paper.


ME2201                          MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY I                    L T  P C
To introduce the students the concepts of some basic manufacturing processes and fabrication techniques, such as metal casting, metal joining, metal forming and plastics component manufacture.

UNIT I             METAL CASTING PROCESSES                                                           9
Sand casting Sand moulds - Type of patterns Pattern materials – Pattern allowances Types of Moulding sand Properties Core making Methods of Sand testing Moulding machines Types of moulding machines - Melting furnaces – Working principle of Special casting processes Shell, investment casting Ceramic mould Lost Wax process Pressure die casting Centrifugal casting CO2 process
Sand Casting defects Inspection methods

UNIT II            JOINING PROCESSES                                                                         9
Fusion welding processes – Types of Gas welding Equipments used Flame characteristics Filler and Flux materials - Arc welding equipments - Electrodes Coating  and  specifications   Principles  of  Resistance  welding   Spot/butt,  seam welding Percusion welding - Gas metal arc welding Flux cored Submerged arc welding Electro slag welding TIG welding – Principle and application of special welding processes - Plasma arc welding Thermit welding Electron beam welding – Friction welding Diffusion welding Weld defects Brazing and soldering process Methods and process capabilities Filler materials and fluxes Types of Adhesive bonding.

UNIT III           BULK DEFORMATION PROCESSES                                                  9
Hot working and cold working of metals Forging processes – Open, impression and closed die forging Characteristics of the process Types of Forging Machines – Typical forging operations Rolling of metals Types of Rolling mills - Flat strip rolling
Shape rolling operations Defects in rolled parts - Principle of rod and wire drawing - Tube drawing Principles of Extrusion Types of Extrusion Hot and Cold extrusion
Equipments used.

UNIT IV          SHEET METAL PROCESSES                                                               9
Sheet metal characteristics - Typical shearing operations, bending and drawing operations Stretch forming operations Formability of sheet metal Test methods
Working principle and application of special forming processes - Hydro forming Rubber pad forming Metal spinning Introduction to Explosive forming, Magnetic pulse forming, Peen forming, Super plastic forming.

UNIT V           MANUFACTURING OF PLASTIC COMPONENTS                              9
Types of plastics - Characteristics of the forming and shaping processes Moulding of Thermoplastics Working principles and typical applications of - Injection moulding Plunger and screw machines Compression moulding, Transfer moulding - Typical industrial applications Introduction to Blow moulding Rotational moulding – Film blowing Extrusion - Thermoforming, - Bonding of Thermoplastics.


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Collection of Previous Year Question Paper

http://www.mediafire.com/download/fe8saeqsdarv2zz/Manufacturing+Technology1%5BMay2012%5D.pdfManufacturing Technology1[May2012].pdf

http://www.mediafire.com/download/t207w887n31iw3x/Manufacturing+Technology1%5BNov%2CDec2012%5D.pdf Manufacturing Technology1[Nov,Dec2012].pdf

Manufacturing technology1[May2013].pdf

Manufacturing Technology1[Nov,Dec2013].pdf

Manufacturing Technology1[May2014].pdf

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