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Anna University,coimbatore
Fourth Semester
Mechanical Engineering
(Regulation 2008)
(Third Semester-Mechanical Engineering Regulation 2008)

Semester : 04

Department : Mechanical Engineering (MECH)

Year : Second Year (II Year)

Regulation : 2008

Subject Code : ME2252

Subject Name : Manufacturing Technology2

Content : ME2252 Manufacturing Technology 2 - curriculum, syllabus and Collection of Previous Year Question Papers.


ME 2252                                     MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY – II                      L T  P C
                                                                                                                                   3  0 0   3
To understand the concept and basic mechanics of metal cutting, working of standard machine tools such as lathe, shaping and allied machines, milling, drilling and allied machines, grinding and allied machines and broaching
To understand the basic concepts of computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool and CNC programming.

UNIT I             THEORY OF METAL CUTTING                                                                            9
Introduction: material removal processes, types of machine tools – theory of metal cutting: chip formation, orthogonal cutting, cutting tool materials, tool wear, tool life, surface finish, cutting fluids.

UNIT II            CENTRE LATHE AND SPECIAL PURPOSE LATHES                                       9
Centre lathe, constructional features, cutting tool geometry, various operations, taper turning  methods,  thread  cutting  methods,  special  attachments,  machining  time  and power estimation. Capstan and turret lathes – automats – single spindle, Swiss type, automatic screw type, multi spindle - Turret Indexing mechanism, Bar feed mechanism.

UNIT III           OTHER  MACHINE TOOLS                                                                                   9
Reciprocating machine tools: shaper, planer, slotter - Milling : types, milling cutters, operations - Hole making : drilling - Quill mechanism , Reaming, Boring, Tapping - Sawing machine: hack saw, band saw, circular saw; broaching machines: broach construction – push, pull, surface and continuous broaching machines

UNIT IV          ABRASIVE PROCESSES AND GEAR CUTTING                                                9
Abrasive processes: grinding wheel – specifications and selection, types of grinding process – cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, centreless grinding – honing, lapping, super finishing, polishing and buffing, abrasive jet machining - Gear cutting, forming, generation, shaping, hobbing.

UNIT V           CNC MACHINE TOOLS AND PART PROGRAMMING                                     9
Numerical control (NC) machine tools – CNC: types, constructional details, special features – design considerations of CNC machines for improving machining accuracy – structural members – slide ways –linear bearings – ball screws – spindle drives and feed drives. Part programming fundamentals – manual programming – computer assisted part programming.
                                                                                                                          TOTAL :  45 PERIODS


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Collection of Previous Year Question Papers

Manufacturing Technology2[May,June2012].pdf-----> [Download Now]  [View]

Manufacturing Technology2[Nov,Dec2012].pdf -----> [Download Now]   [View]

Manufacturing technology2[May2013].pdf         ----->  [Download Now]   [View]

Manufacturing technology2[Nov,Dec2013].pdf   -----> [Download Now]   [View]

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