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History cannot itself be neither true nor Neutral

Russian Revolution

For the following lines we return partly own article, we always save today.

History is not and can not be conceived as absolutely true, not only because it must always comprendérsele at any given moment, moreover, is in the way that each researcher who submits a study is unable to comprehend it in all its aspects, but also because, from the slave society to the present, in the social reality they have interacted and interact men confronted in economic, political ideological cultural terms, and so on, that at tmismo, conceive from their own interests.Thus, although the Manichean positions should not go hand in hand historian, this does not necessarily concerns the political and ideological position that is held, which determines to a large extent, their way of thinking about history.We are thus faced with a story that has and always will own objective-subjective nature; which puts us in front of his contradictory nature and complexity, while it brings together a number of disparate factors that play the objective and subjective; the true and the false; the surrounding conditions and the mutual influence that mankind has on them; what motivates people to think or act in one way or another; what leads to truth or falsehood; the various feelings that arise in them; what leads to action or inaction and direction or guidance they possess; the values ​​underpinning of one kind or another; versions they have about the events that surround them, etc.

 No object presented to the public as a historian of truth itself; as social scientist completely objective, absolutely professional and, therefore, beyond good and evil. Should not be overlooked that the same moral should be understood according to the historical period and supported Tlos class interests. [1]

 The above idea, one that completed this newly formulated:The nuances there. Nothing is just white or black only. In real life, not the fantasy, or simply what everyone imagines, truth does not exist as an absolute, but as relative. It is not given once and for all. It is determined by the time lived; by the level of development it has achieved in material, spiritual and cognitive terms, supported the interests of class and social class to which they belong. In historical terms, not in individual terms, the truth today is not tomorrow; what is now ceases to be true tomorrow. The same happens with morality.We do not discuss specific to each person, but of matters relating to the human being as a whole things. The truth of the slave is not the slave; of the serf it is not Mr. feudad; the bourgeois is not the proletarian; the auditor is not the spoken and so on. The truth as it is historical and class.

Manuel Moncada Fonseca

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