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A Short Review on Mahindra TUV300

After a series of spy shots over the last few days revealing many aspects of the vehicle, here are the uncovered pictures of the upcoming compact SUV from Mahindra, the TUV300. And yes, you saw it first in Anything On Wheels!

While the earlier spy shots had prepared us on what to expect, the end result is more impressive than we had envisaged.
Its high front nose, straight hood, flat roof and high ground clearance give the TUV300 the much-loved SUV stance. The bumpers are massive and overhangs are virtually non-existent. The headlights are fairly detailed and have distinct partitions for parking lights and turn indicators. The traditional seven-slat Mahindra grille adds muscle to the frontal design. The entire silhouette appear to have been designed with a ruler but gives the vehicle a rugged and boxy look. This is probably the base variant as evident from the black plastic bumpers, rear view mirrors, door handles and grille. The D-pillar is finished in a glossy black shade, giving an impression of a floating roof from the rear. The trapezoidal taillights are stacked vertically and are simple yet beautiful. In fact, this has got to be one of the cleanest designs from Mahindra in years, a brand known for going overboard with its styling.

The spare tire is mounted on the tailgate, a trait that Indians love in their Sport Utility Vehicles. Like its illustrious elder sibling Bolero, the TUV300 is said to have a body-on-frame construction, imparting much-needed sturdiness and rigidity. With a length that falls under 4 meters, the TUV300 qualifies for excise duty concessions offered by the Indian Government. Mahindra has confirmed that the TUV300 would be powered by the 'mHawk' engine but the power output and torque figures aren't revealed yet. From the spy shots we posted earlier today, it is clear that an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) is on the cards too. 

In the TUV300, Mahindra seems to be having a clear winner on their hands. All that remains to be done are competitive pricing and a quick launch.

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