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Dangers and opportunities in Venezuela

First obvious thought: if Venezuela is a dictatorship how could you have earned the opposition? All who have been questioning Venezuelan democracy should now apologize (s rhetoric never will those who believe that power belongs to them by family and money are believed permanent corso patent.). President Maduro immediately came to recognize the result. As it should be. The opposition invariably has ignored all election results where it has lost since 1998, the first victory of Hugo Chavez. Sometimes block, splitting each other. The less loyal to the Constitution have always been Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Corina Machado, whose attitude has not been followed by Capriles has always chosen through elections. The PP, with much influence of Opus Dei in its relations with Venezuela -the other influence is purely economic, as when Felipe González gave Preciados Galleries Gustavo Cisneros has always been closer to the coup. Nostalgia for the origins of the Spanish right. Venezuela has fallen short: clean elections and surveys undoubtedly the result. I wish it was like in Mexico or the United States.

It is equally clear that the economy has taken its toll on the government of Maduro. It is unfair that a crisis that has not generated the South American continent, remember that began with the collapse of Lehamnn Brothers in the United States is paying like it was his responsibility. The collapse of oil prices (it's like 80% were reduced tourism in Spain) is a hard blow to resist, especially when the crisis is used by the opposition to hit the government with sophisticated forms of "economic war" (pressures to break OPEC and hold down oil prices, hoarding of goods, rising prices intentional, fraud in the dollar exchange rate, smuggling, psychological warfare fueled by the media, sabotage). There are scenarios in Venezuelan politics have remembered long fight that prior to September 1973 he prepared the coup against Salvador Allende stage. We hope that the international community is attentive to any spurious attempt to want to win off the ballot so it should only be won at the polls.

Finally, it is clear that Maduro's government also has a responsibility. The coup that resulted in the loss of Chavez was not minor. The balances that had not been built Chavez inherited by Maduro. They are demanding more time. And the opposition, aware of this weakness, has continued to harass the last three years. President Maduro, on the one hand, has not been successful in enforcing the Venezuelan population in the achievements of the past 17 years. It happened in Europe when the working class to middle class turned to Margaret Thatcher ended up voting. It is true that even the opposition has called Chavez as if it were a value in itself, but it was mere propaganda. It not very believable coming from who always adversaron. The risk of dismantling the public commitment by the Bolivarian health, education, housing, food, is served by the opposition (see what will begin to happen in Argentina). If the people have not understood it is the responsibility of the government and people of conscience. If the opposition propaganda is good, it is the obligation of government to unmask. They have failed to do so. The government also does not exhibit good-despite great progress in recent months in the fight against corruption, violence, the business of food imports, exchange control fraud results, jobs for the middle classes formed and inflation. Although all these items are part of the economic war, if you do not succeed, you have defeated. And that is what the polls have expressed.

Now it's time to discuss together, government and opposition, Venezuela needs. Of the majority. From the people. Like President Maduro has accepted the results of the parliamentary elections, the opposition must assume that the constitutional president of Venezuela's Maduro, and should respect the presidential election gave him a mandate. From this double recognition should begin negotiations on the solutions demanded by the country. It would be a mistake of the opposition repeat what was done after the coup against Chavez in 2002: start dismantling the existing institutions. Some analyzes this Monday from opposition leaders -change point in that direction, if the parliamentary majority permitted, all possible positions, building an opposition "dyke" Maduro's government. Some seem to never learn.

Urgently, these solutions are shared by the rising price of gasoline, rethink public spending, fight against corruption, pursue hoarding and artificial price increase (hence the opposition can talk business with importers, mainly responsible for this problem), radical change control regulation (the opposition to press the government only where not possible) and establishing a production base that is emancipated from oil revenues. On these issues the government and opposition should find firm agreements. And that will be possible if the opposition listens to the needs of Venezuela, not the mandates of the United States or foreign companies seeking to return to the Caribbean country to a port in the new pirates practices. It is a good time to see if, finally, the Venezuelan right is willing to invest in his country.

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