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"If Venezuela is a dictatorship, how could you have earned the opposition?"

So the Spanish react political scientist and co-founder of the political party can, Juan Carlos Monedero, after the results of the parliamentary elections in Venezuela on Sunday 6 December.
Meanwhile, the neoliberal Colombian president Andres Pastrana Arango, characterized in that the government handed over sovereignty entirely to the United States (via Colombia Plan) and also during his four years the paramilitary phenomenon is significantly increased, was in Caracas giving 'lessons' democracy. Surely forgets or refuses to recall the shameful electoral fraud of April 19, 1970, by which his father, Misael Pastrana Borrero, made it to the presidency of Colombia.
Therefore, the Alternative Democratic Pole Senator Ivan Cepeda Castro sent from his Twitter account the following comments:
"Under the government of Andrés Pastrana paramilitary groups in Colombia they grew ever. Venezuela now gives lessons in democracy. "
"Latin Americans whose governments were antidemocratic Expresidentes are in Venezuela giving lessons in political freedoms. Nerve".
Meanwhile, Wallet recalled that "less loyal to the Constitution have always been Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Corina Machado".
"If Venezuela is a dictatorship, how could you have earned the opposition?" Said co-founder can.
Wallet stressed that President Nicolas Maduro "came immediately" recognize the outcome while the opposition has not recognized any of the elections where it has lost since 1998.
"Venezuela has fallen short: recognition and fair elections without any doubt the result", said the Spanish political scientist.

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