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Nanotechnology to Fight Ebola Virus

Nanotechnology to Fight Ebola Virus
With the Ebola virus death toll now topping 1000 and even more, researchers at Northeastern University in Boston are attempting to use nanotechnology to cure the disease. They have focused attention on nanoparticles such as gold nanoparticles that could be attached chemically to the viruses and stop them from spreading in combination with near-infrared light to destroy the Ebola virus.
Read more at: http://spectrum.ieee.org/nanoclast/biomedical/devices/nanotechnology-to-fight-ebola-virus

Nanotechnology device aims to prevent malaria deaths through rapid diagnosis
A pioneering mobile device using cutting-edge nanotechnology to rapidly detect malaria infection and drug resistance could revolutionise how the disease is diagnosed and treated.
Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2012-09-nanotechnology-device-aims-malaria-deaths.html#jCp

How nanotechnology is shaping stem cell research
Nanoscientists have developed a technique that allows them to transform stem cells into bone cells on command. Stem cells have tremendous potential in medicine: anything from repairing and replenishing heart cells after an attack to replacing nerve cells that are progressively lost in the brain of a person with Parkinson's.
Read more at: http://www.theguardian.com/nanotechnology-world/nanotechnology-shaping-stem-cell-research

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