Discovered 439 objects near Earth and 72 unknown to science

There are many celestial objects in the universe moving in their particular trajectory. It would be asteroids, meteors, comets and etc. They are too many and there is a chance of a collision with the Earth. To protect primarily prevention of asteroids and comets that could easily hit the Earth it is necessary technological equipment for researchers to be able to detect. With their detection they can to know exactly where in our solar system they are located.

This project works NASA using a spacecraft “NEOWISE”. This program exists and already studied celestial objects almost two years.

Spacecraft NASA initially was called “WISE” and was launched in 2009 to record the sky with infrared cameras. After completion of the mission in 2011 was deactivated. In the upcoming period, particularly in December 2013 was reactivated and renamed “NEOWISE” to help scientists in monitoring objects near Earth.

Last year, NEOWISE made more than 5.1 million infrared images and measure more than 19 thousand asteroids. With well-treated analysis, NASA set aside 439 objects near Earth, of which only 8 are classified as potentially dangerous and 72 are unknown to science.

NASA will continue with its work and “NEOWISE” is only one part of a network of telescopes on Earth. NASA will continue to extend with its search for new facilities. Let’s hope that there will be no dangerous objects on Earth. Because the sky is filled with galaxies.

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