Scientists detected that the moon is moving away from earth

As much as we have fascinated and helped throughout history, the situation of the Moon has nothing to chance: our satellite has been distancing of the Earth from the moment of its inception and will continue to do so at a rate of about three centimeters a year.

Today the moon revolves around the Earth at about 375,000 kilometers on average. However at the moment of its creation, once a body the size of Mars collided with the early Earth and debris left in orbit together to form our satellite, the Moon was only between nineteen and thirty kilometers away . If we had been living in that season, moon-distanciahace four thousand five hundred million years, we would have seen a moon twenty times higher in the sky that would have covered the entire Sun during an eclipse, as is logical.And the same will happen in the future as the Moon go diverged from Earth, this will be covering less of the solar disk along eclipses. Fortunately, the moon never leave the Earth's orbit by the fact that about fifty million years yours will stabilize and eventually placed in an orbit where it will take forty-seven days in completing a lap around our planet, instead of the current twenty days.

When this new cycle arrives, the moon will be found almost one million kilometers from Earth and will have a size in the sky 2.6 times less than its current size. Something that is not going to matter much, really, since at that time will make tens and tens of thousands and billions of years the Sun will have swallowed the Earth-Moon system after becoming a red giant.

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