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The seven states of matter explained

Were you taught that there are three states of matter? Maybe four? Get ready to dispute those teachings because there are no less than seven. 

Solid, liquid and gas – these are the physical states most people know. The lesser-known state plasma consists of highly charged particles with extremely high kinetic energy.
But then there's ...

Bose-Einstein condensate: a state of matter that occurs very close to absolute zero. At this extremely low temperature, molecular motion almost stops and atoms begin to clump together.

Quark-gluon plasma: the state of matter with the highest energy level. It is basically the building blocks of matter existing in a soup resembling conditions just after the Universe was created.

Degenerate matter: the highly compressed state of matter which often exists in the cores of massive stars. The core's gas is super compressed and the primary source of pressure is no longer thermal, but quantum.
For more on these mind-boggling states of matter check out the video below.

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  1. as grad students and the like, you should know the importance of peer reveiw and general academic and scientific honesty. Please start including actual links to scientific journals where your blog gets its information. When you link to another website, link to the actual page on the website, not just the main website example linking to msnbc.com is different than msnbc.com/science/health/somethingsomething...... alot of your links appear more like msnbc.com.. most readers arent going to waste their time having to manually hunt down your links. unless of course your goal is fake science or "sort of science", in which case, great job!


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