The sun can radiate ‘super flare’ which would endanger the whole life on Earth

By studying nearby stars like our sun, the scientists have concluded that it is able to emit solar flares thousands of times more powerful than is observed so far they called it super flare. Such phenomena called ‘super flare’ – can endanger not only modern civilization, but whole life on Earth.
Solar flares are large explosions in the solar atmosphere, with the release huge amounts of energy. Although the scientists study them more than a century, and after so many years it is not yet clear why they arise. They appear suddenly and last up to ten minutes. Most of them occurs near sun spots, and their frequency varies considerably: from a few days to a period of increased solar activity, to one or two a week for a period of reduced activity. Its release energy is equal bomb of 100 million megatons only by comparison, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 15 kilotons forces.

In our society, whose survival is linked to the technology of which we have become dependent, intense solar flares can disrupt radio communications. Cause malfunctions in the electronics of satellites and affect their orbit. One high intensity are accompanied by coronal mass ejection, a huge cloud magnetized plasma. In doing so, created a shock wave, that of arrival of the upper atmosphere frees the power of billions of W. This emits energy ends up on the surface, whereby suffers electric grid. Such a situation like this is occurred in Quebec in 1989, when this Canadian province remained without electricity for hours. Otherwise, the most powerful solar flare ever recorded in the mid 19th century, but did not have too big an impact on events on Earth, since then the society was poorly electrified.

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