Amazing Samsung contact lenses with build-in camera

“Samsung-centric blog SamMobile” said that this time Samsung made great technological development, has developed new contact lenses. These are contact lenses with display in the user’s eye which can be projected images.

“SamMobile” says the cause of development of these contact lenses is the limited image quality that give the smart glasses.
So instead of glasses, users can watch and enjoy more virtual reality very subtly.

How they work

These lenses can be connected to your smart mobile data processing. Content is transferred through antennas to the phone. Samsung lenses have their own built-in camera and sensors that can be controlled simply by the blink of an eye. With blinking eyes can sometimes lead to awkward situations and random input of ocular interface. But it will not be a big problem because you can control the interface from your smart phone.
contact lensescontact lenses
Google already owns two patents for smart lenses. They are used in medicine where with the help of their sensitive electronics and sensors help to determine levels of sugar in blood by chemicals of tears. Those are pretty high tech achievements but now Samsung joins Google, although they owns patents submitted in their countries since 2014.
contact lensescontact lenses
But to be clear, many tech companies submit applications (and receive approval for their patents), but that does not mean that further will follow commercial production. Current these contact lenses Samsung did not produce, still a prototype. But that does not mean you should lose hope for this technological development to see and use in the near future.

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