Astronomers Have Discovered a Super and very Fast Star System That Breaks present Physics Models

Many thousands light-years away, at the extremely outskirts of our Milky Way Galaxy, researchers have discovered amazing no one’s ever seen before - a two star system (two stars circling a common center of mass) that’s moving so quick, it’s clocked speeds that nearly match the escape velocity of our galaxy. And this is, according to our present physics, unexplainable. According to astronomer, something must be secondary this star system produce such unbelievable impetus, and until now, the top explanation we had for hyper-velocity stars is that they were being pushed by the supermassive black holes that live in the center of a typical galaxy. Except the scenario with this star system is quite dissimilar: this binary star is nowhere near a supermassive black hole.

Titled PB3877, and located nearly 18,000 light-years away from Planet Earth, this binary star system is not the first hyper-velocity star we’ve exposed in our galaxy. Astronomers have so far detected over 20 hyper-velocity stars that come into view hell-bent on getting out of our cosmic neighborhood.

One of those hyper-velocity star is US 708, which was exposed in 2005 to be crashing through the Milky Way at almost 745 miles per second (that's 1,198 km per second, or 2.7 million miles per hour) - fast enough to result the gravitational pull of the galaxy. At that speed one could easily travel from Earth to the Moon in presently 5 minutes.
All the other Hyper-Velocity tars exposed were single star systems. This is the first time ever astronomers have exposed a double-star system that’s reached hyper-velocity speeds. Ulrich Heber, one of the researchers at the back this discovery, from the Friedrich Alexander University in Germany, said:
 Astronomers have presented a hypothesis that dark substance could be responsible for this but they are not certain yet.
The results have been issue in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, and according to the astronomers, the easy presence of this binary system puts pressure on known models and our present understanding of dark matter in the our Milky Way Galaxy. Well somebody wants to tell Stephen Hawking to get his interstellar spacecraft out there to give us a improved clarification.

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