Fast quasar winds near super massive black hole!

The astrophysicists from the University of York, has recently found some of the fastest winds at ultraviolet wavelengths near the super massive black hole.

In fact it is about wind speed of 20 percent of the speed of light, which is more than 200 million kilometers per hour. It is also in the category of 77 hurricane, said Jessie Rogerson. As part of his PhD at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at New York led the research – and we have reason to believe that a quasar winds are even faster.

For these quasar winds known since the 1960s. Quasars represent disk of hot gas that forms around a supermassive black hole at the center of massive galaxies. It can be said to be larger than the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

Space black holes may have a mass billions of times greater than the sun. Recording any material that ventures too close, “said York University Associate Professor Patrick Hall, who is supervisor Rogerson’s.” But as a matter spirals toward the black hole, some of it is blown away by the warmth and light of the quasar. These winds are discovering. “

Very fast wind that moves about 140 million kilometers per hour
They use information from a survey of the sky known as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey to identify new outflows from quasars. About 300 examples were selected about 100 for further research, data collection with twin telescopes at the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii and Chile, in which Canada has a stake.

So discovered very fast wind that moves about 140 million kilometers per hour, “said Hall. We plan to watch this quasar to see what would happen next.

These quasar winds can play an important role in the formation of galaxies – galaxies are formed when these winds thrown off material and to prevent the formation of stars. If such winds do not exist or are less powerful, so we can see more stars in big galaxies than they really are.

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