10 Strange Physics Facts about Antimatter That Everyone Should Know About

This visualisation shows antimatter being emitted from clouds, as detected back in 2013. The exact processes taking place through are poorly understood

Antimatter, basically, is matter with reverse electrical charge. For instance, anti-protons are like protons but with merely a negative charge. Here are some important facts about antimatter that everyone should know about:-

1. Antimatter reacts to gravity the just like normal matter (it does not repel material). As was noted, antimatter and matter particles have the same mass but contrast in properties, for instance electric charge and spin.

2. The Standard Model forecasts that gravity should have the similar effect on matter and antimatter, and we have no actual reason to believe otherwise.

 3. It would cost us one-hundred-billion dollars to generate one milligram of antimatter (the least amount required for big scale applications, like power or propulsion).

4. Researchers may have discovered a particle that acts both as a matter and antimatter.

5. The Big Bang should have produced antimatter and matter in equal quantities. If that had been so, everything that we know of would have been shattered in, well, a bigger bang. As far as researchers know, there possibly have been one additional matter particle for every billion matter-antimatter pairs. Physicists are still working to understand why the cosmos didn’t annihilate itself and why this asymmetry really exists.

6. Bananas generate antimatter (one positron almost every 75 minutes). Yes, you can still securely eat bananas without any destruction. They’re only a slight radioactive.

7. You could be generating positrons right now. Don’t worry however, they don’t live long enough to respond to ordinary matter and become unsafe. If all the antimatter ever prepared by humans were annihilated at once, the energy created wouldn’t even be enough to make a cup of tea.

8. Nonetheless, in 2009, antimatter caused the biggest detonation ever recorded in the known universe.

9. In 1964, physicists discovered that the weak force is not reasonably symmetrical in its contacts with matter and antimatter, resulting in something called as “CP violation.”

10. A mirror antimatter universe might exist, theoretically. Numerous fictional movies, comics, books, etc. cover this type theory. The Justice League’s Evil Counterpart, the Crime Syndicate, for instance, originate from an antimatter universe.

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