Since December 2016, moving chipping of all babies born in the EU

This chipping of all babies is really something unusual and against humanity and against the freedom of all people which they have with their birth, if there is somebody else who think that this is not correct and against humanity then this can be stopped before it make a lot of troubles around the world.
Information on which we have recently encountered it will certainly make you more upset than surprised is about the chipping of all babies in EU. Indeed, since December 2016, every newborn in Europe will be microchipped. In other words, as soon as the baby is born will get a microchip and every movement will be from then begin to track.

What was only a year ago was a conspiracy theory today is realized, small steps, without much pomp and noise to slowly people are accustomed to the implantation of RFID chips.
According to an article published in Finnish newspapers and according to doctors and medical students, the direction in which the moving medicine and the development of technology for mind control will restrict our freedom in the future.

Many sources say that at the beginning of December this year all European newborn will be required to have implemented RFID chip. This chip will serve as a GPS sensor and will contain a single battery. So, everyone will have to go to his doctor every two years to replace the battery for RFID functioned smoothly. We assume that this will be regulated by law, and any refusal this chip by parents, and later rejection of replacement batteries will be punishable.

Even organized tour seminars at schools throughout the United States, during which RFID Chippie mascot educates children about the necessity of this chip. In an effort to separate the myth from the truth of the federal program to implant RFID chips, awareness campaigns embarked on a tour that includes a large number of public schools across the country. The operation has a warm animated wallpaper.

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