FrozenTimeTheory : What is Heaven Like?

Frozen Time Theory [1] speculates that time in the Earth realm can be mapped to coordinates of a fourth spatial dimension in the spiritual world where time does not exist as a moving arrow but as different places. Thus, in the spiritual world, beingness exists all at once for past, present, and future.
The proposed theory of frozen time [1] postulates that the spiritual world is the original and dominant form of existence. Many seers claim that the Earth realm functions at a lower frequency range than the objects of the spiritual realm. In terms of current super string theorizing, the strings and loops of the spiritual world would vibrate at much higher frequencies than objects in the material world.
Discussions of the nature of time [2], and of various issues related to time, have always featured prominently in philosophy, but they have been especially important since the beginning of the 20th Century. This article [2] contains a brief overview of some of the main topics in the philosophy of time — Fatalism; Reductionism and Platonism with respect to time; the topology of time; 
McTaggart's arguments; The A Theory and The B Theory; Presentism, Eternalism, and The Growing Universe Theory; time travel; and the 3D/4D controversy — together with some suggestions for further reading on each topic, and a bibliography. 
Please watch this video [3] on "TIME is an ILLUSION according to EINSTEIN" - (the space-time continuum) [3]. 

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