The mummy of crocodiles

The mummy of crocodiles. A series of scans revealed almost 50 infants reptiles mummified and wrapped next to two larger in an Egyptian bundle of 2,500 years ago . While preparing a new exhibit that will allow visitors to virtually dissect the mummy of a crocodile, the editors of a Dutch museum found a surprise: instead of the remains of two crocodiles, the bundle will contain almost 50. A previous scan, carried out in the nineties, had already shown that the mummy, almost three meters long, did not contain a single adult crocodile but two teenagers. But it did not appear traces of other animals.

Here is the scan of the two crocodiles teenagers wrapped in bandages of mummification. Only the most recent scans showed that the bundle contained other small reptiles.

Already in 2010 at the Stanford School of Medicine a crocodile mummy had been analyzed through the TAC.

In red, scanning the biggest crocodile, flanked by the small (in blue).

Each mummified, blindfolded and then wrapped together with two larger reptiles thanks to new advanced scans in 3D, that within the bundle there were 47 infants crocodiles, for curators was quite a shock to find out, (in this photos, some of the small mummified as they appear in the scan). The artefact, which dates back to 2,500 years ago, was most likely sacrificial offering to the god Sobek crocodile. The ancient Egyptians believed in life after death: this may explain why they were mummified crocodiles also teenagers and even babies. It is not the first time they are “multiple mummies discovered” crocodile. In 2015 it was exhibited at the British Museum in London a crocodile – in life probably considered an incarnation of Sobek – mummified after death along with 20 children. Two other cases had been studied at the Hearst Museum of Anthropology, California

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