NASA Receive First Audio From New Planets

The newly discovered TRAPPIST-1 planetary system has brought us more good news, or at least we think they’re good. NASA has intercepted radio signals from TRAPPIST – 1 and their interpreters and linguistic experts have managed to decode them, revealing the existence of extraterrestrial life who want “no part of Earth’s bullshit’.

The discovery of 7 new planets in a nearby solar system just this week thrilled all the astronomy buffs, especially after NASA confirmed that these planets appear to meet all the criteria for supporting life as we know it. However, the enthusiasm has somewhat subsided after NASA said in a press release that the lifeforms on the third of these planets seemed to be ‘standing very still as if not to be noticed’, similar to how they described it, someone hiding behind their sofa when a debt collector comes knocking on their home.

ontinuous radio probing gave successful results, after NASA intercepted and translated a signal from one of the planets which shows that the alien lifeforms know about Earth and the existence of life on our planet.

As a spokesperson for NASA revealed at a press conference:

The transmission begins ‘Oh fucking bollocky bollocks. They’ve found us, well that’s just tickety-fucking-boo’.”

After the initial comments, they seem to start arguing between themselves, blaming each other for being found, one of the creatures being extra vocal in expressing his rage about the fact that the Earthlings may now try and travel to the new planet. ‘Why did you have to have the telly on so fucking loud?’, they say”.

The radio signal ends with the aliens saying they’re ‘off out for a bit’ and they ‘don’t know when they’ll be back’.

Source: Righthoughts

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