Slidejoy Totally Useless for Indians now.

Hi friends,

My name is Priyankr Calicut, I'm the auther of eurekasparks web blog and here I'm sharing my review about Slidejoy app (put ads on your lock screen and earn $). I had previously wrote a review about slide joy

check>>> Earn about $10 a month with Slidejoy app

But Indian users will not get much amount of money. I have been using SlideJoy more than an year, Initially I had get $2 per month but now I have getting $2 in 3 month. I planning to remove this useless app. When I contact SlideJoy, then they says their new algoritham says I'm using less time on mobile.

It is abosolutly WRONG, I have Free unlimited JIO 4G internet, I have many international friends (chatting)  and that so I'm always on my phone.Please check my earnings before download this app

[Note: I use my phone when 8:00AM to 1:00AM and I don't have other works]


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