Is Tthere a Life After Death?

The Greeks and Romans were polytheistic, but also believed that there was an underground world in which the soul left behind after the bodily death. Had called it. The Eliza fields were part of Had, where the souls of the righteous were resided, while Tartar was not quite equivalent to the Christian hell, but the mortals were punished for their misdeeds.

In the sixteenth century, Galilee first questioned whether thought was trapped in the brain or was fragmented in the form of a soul.

Life experiences after death have always been among the population of our planet, and there has been a constant dilemma:

– Is death the ultimate end?
– Do I, when I die, will never live again? NEVER!
– Will my absence be infinite?
– Will the End of the Infinite Life of the Universe ever appear?

From such thoughts to the dream, we all woke up in sweat and fear, with the tragic knowledge, which our mind could hardly accept, so that after the death we will not appear for billions of years. Not then. N E V E R  M O R E!

And then, these experiences of people who have experienced clinical death have returned to hope that we are not hopeless cases that have accidentally appeared in the universe, but one’s idea and long-lasting project. Thus they opened wide the door to the appearance of God in human consciousness. As a creator and a guarantee of our longevity. Everyday exploitation of this idea has, for some 800,000 years, created numerous monotheistic and polytheistic religious confessions, which in our human creations often came into contradiction and propagated in their teachings instead of life, violence and death.


The rational explanation for life after death, modern scientists was inaccessible, because they did not know the existence of SUPSTANCE in living cells, responsible for consciousness, that is, FOR THE FOUNDATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION.

The existence of consciousness was explained by the functioning of the brain, as the sole body responsible for the thought of the life of the human being. That ability they attributed to nerve cells that consisted of the body of cells and Axon. Nerve bodies are defined by scientists as places where the DNA cell nucleus is located, gene deposits and mitochondrial and protein, cytoplasmic configurations. By scientists, there is a nerve impulse, that is, thoughts. These impulses are then transferred to the other nerve cells through the extensions, axons, and thus a configuration is created that is responsible for the spiritual life of a human being and his communication with the environment.

The fact that even the most prolific animals that do not have the brain communicate and clearly demonstrate the ability to make advanced decisions, scientists have no explanation. Some types of clay, as well as insects in a life-threatening situation, knowingly imitate death. This clearly shows the existence of consciousness in these animals having a simple brain of several ganglia. They are aware of the state of death, the visual appearance of their death and the intelligent assumption that the predator in such a state will not touch. Is not that intelligence? Fish, with poorly developed brain, share information, most clearly visible in their harmonious movement. Scientists have recently correctly determined that even plants exchange information between themselves. If they exchange information, it means they have thoughts. All these were the enigmas for the official science. In fact, there is the answer:

Consciousness after death studies
To create conscious impulses in living cells on the planet, SUPSTANCA is responsible, which is positioned in the NUCLEUS of each cell. This substance is a configuration of the Basic Particles. The origin and the way these particles in the shape of a nucleus sphere reach the center of the cell, I described in detail in my book. The nucleus of all cells in one organism, not just the brain cell, is involved in the formation and functioning of consciousness. So the cell nucleus in the stomach, as well as cells in the musculature of living beings, participate in the creation of thought impulses. The transfer of this information is carried out intangible, automatically and directly, as I also explained in the book. This explains the intellectual abilities of low-developed live species on the planet. The best example is a one-celled amoeba that possesses the nucleus and protein nodes with which amoeba moves, captures and various foods. The disadvantage of the use of these thickening is given exclusively by the substance from the nucleus. Or the case of transdiferentation of medusa, which without the brain cells possessed the ability to live infinitely and immortally. The urge to immortality and the solution to this problem is stimulated by the substance from the cellars of the medusa.
If science shows that medusa are the only living creatures on Earth that have mastered the ability of immortality, then we are the “stupid” planets in the universe. It is unmistakable that the medusa, the only 9 million live species on the planet, animals without the presence of the brain, found a way to continuously supplement their cell nucleus with the Basic particles from the atmosphere and so after each reproduction process they return to the state of the young organisms with massive cell nucleus, capable of numerous subsequent production and reproduction processes. How did animals with massive and differentiated brain organs fail?

Man is likely to be “soon” mastered by the technique of immortality, but it is inevitable that this is the universal temptation of “the obligation of dying”, consciously devised a small animal with modest anatomical structure. I do not even know, nor does any of the scientists know how this medusa has resolved. If I succeed in PRESENTING the medusa’s genius, I’ll post it in one of the following blogs.
The brain is a specialized organ in the organism of some living species, which contains a number of nerve cells that, apart from the nucleus, possess genes and cytoplasms with protein configurations. The genes and cellular cytoplasm in our brain have the role of storing and memorizing all the previous thoughts of the impulse that the brain has formed so far. Their role is also that receptors receive impulses of vision, hearing, taste, touch and others, and transport them to the nucleus of neuron, where conclusions and conscious decisions are formed.

In forming each new thought process, the old, stored experiences are extracted from memory and, together with the received information, are used to formulate a faster and better decision. The greater the number of neuronal cells in this way allows storing a greater number of old information, which in any case is positively manifested on the quality of consciousness. Elephant memory clearly shows the volume of his brain.

Consciousness, therefore, is the characteristic of living creatures, which is formed in the nucleus of cells from simpler organisms but also in specialized brain cells.

In simple creatures, the exclusive position where consciousness is formed are the nucleus of body cells. The information that is being produced is very small and refers to a smaller number of basic living needs, such as where to find food, the appearance of a predator, the setting of a living environment, etc. In this way small, only turtles from eggs, the same moment they are directed towards the water. Their cell nucleus becomes immediately aware of the position of the aquatic surface after birth and issue a small turtle command to move in the right direction.

During the evolution, organisms began to create a special thought organ, the brain. These organisms use both places to create consciousness at the same time and use them alike. A cat without any body movement issues a kitten’s command to get hurt and danger. The sound of micaci with a precise meaning is determined by the cranial brain.

In the further stages of evolution, there is rapid acceleration of the brain as well as other parts of the organ, and these organisms change the relationship between the use of these brain centers for the benefit of the brain, which now performs all conscious actions. The use of cellular nucleus in the body to create consciousness during evolution is flawed, so that the body of man is completely passivated. Because of this, man, though with the most perfect body of consciousness, does not possess some abilities that possess simple organisms.

Scientists have just recently discovered that brain cells are being restored. Until now, it was considered that they live as much as the organism. Because of this ignorance, scientists could not explain the principle


Nerve cells are renewed, that is, reproduced and reproduced. Old cells are consumed and dying, and replaced by new ones. Old data and events are memorized by writing to the RNK gene structure in the neuron. Generic RNA structures are transferred to the newborn cells in the process of cell production, in the direction of the parent to the final cell line of one organ. In this way, the memory is transmitted and stored.

The earliest information thoughts, early childhood memories are recorded in RNK cell spirals, positioned directly around the mother cell. From there they are continually transferred to all the new cells that are produced in the organs of life. In the cells that were created at the earliest, the latest formatted information is stored, so their gene code is transferred to a smaller number of new cells. Aging is a process in which the last row of cells in the brain organs stops refining. The foreword that produces this last row of cells consumes the material from its nucleus and loses the ability of the next production. Now, this predecessor row of cells becomes the final order of cells in the body. The information that was written in the cell of the last layer is irreversibly lost. In the next aging process, the retention of the dead cells is stopped, from the preexisting order of the cell, and the process of cell body rupture in the body moves further in the direction of the parent cell. The earliest cells formed around the mother cell live longer. This process is read to reduce the size and volume of all organs in the aging process, as well as the quality of performing organs in the organ. That is why it happens that a man begins to forget about information from the nearest past, and the longest he remembers information from his childhood. People often remember only childhood events before the end of their life, so they behave well. This process was called scientists by senility.

So, thoughts and decisions, and exchanges of them, operatize the nuclei of all body cells and brain cells in their interactions, and the quality and quantity of these processes depend on the amount of memorized previous experiences. For this purpose, the responsible RNA genetic configurations are wrapped around the brain cells. This is the brain cell progression compared to other body cells.
The CENTAR conscious creation is the nucleus of the cell. Whether it is a regular body cell, a spinal cord cell, or a brain cell. Parallel or separate. Living creatures on Earth use what they own and what evolution has given them!

And now, what happens when a man dies?

Researchers say there's evidence that consciousness continues
after clinical death
If a man dies due to the collapse of only one organ, such as a heart attack, liver cirrhosis, or blood loss, there are still some nuclei with certain amounts of untreated Basic particles in the cells of the remaining healthy organs. This is the remaining material after the production and reproduction of the cell. By the death of the dead, without food metabolism, the nuclei in the cells of healthy organs, for some time remain in their cellars and wait for new deliveries of food particles. After a while, if there is no food supply, the living substance of the cell nucleus is excreted from its cellular cytoplasm and abandons the body. It is excreted along with all other living nuclei from the organism and rises into the space of a planetary atmosphere, as a whole cloud. Here under the influence of the gravity of the Basic particles from the gravity field of the Earth, they are stopped at a certain height position and continue their existence. These clouds of unified cell nuclei of the whole organism have been called “SOULS” by humans! Their elevation position depends on the mass of the cloud, which is an obstacle to the Basic Particles, which is pressed against the surface of the planet. The mass of souls depends on the number and mass of surviving cells of the organism. Clouds of infantry organisms will be the largest, and will be located at lower altitudes above the planet. The clouds of old organisms, which after the death of the living of rare, healthy organs, will be due to the small mass placed in the upper layers of the Earth’s gravitational field. Slimming gravity on our planet and those low-positioned nuclei of clouds will rise above the upper layers of the atmosphere to eventually lose and collapse in the universe and transform into the form of the Basic particles, ready to form a new heavenly body. Because of this, the lowest positioned “souls” will live in our atmosphere, the longest. This was known to some people in our past. It was also known by Christ when he said heaven was the empire of children.

What does it feel and what kind of abilities has nuclei materials in “souls” above us?

Without the presence of protein and gene structures, surviving cell nuclei in “souls” remain without numerous characteristics and complete memory. Without their cytoplasms, nuclei do not know the feeling of love, hate, envy, happiness, and misfortune …. They lose all those traits whose formation sites were in protein and gene configurations. Do they have any memories?
I think the clouds of our surviving souls only remind us of the traces of memory. And of the most historically deep memories: memories of their origins, memories of their relatives and acquaintances. A memory of the place of his planetary life. And that’s maybe all. Our souls are not aware of why we are on Earth, we cry for them, why do we go to the graves when they are not there, why do we mention them in the churches …?

Can we contact them?

Yes! If the soul desires it. Contact moments can only occur when our cells are passivated and free of cellular cytoplasmic activity, which is the state of the REM phase of the sleep, state of the coma or the state of the spiritual trance.

Is there a way to register the spirits of our souls?

No! Not for now !

The basic particles from which the souls are built have no albedo. This means that they do not refuse light, which is why we can not see them with this modern technique. The basic particles do not repel the light either in the individual state, or bound to unique configurations, such as the nucleus of the galaxy or cell nuclei. In the case of a single particle, light photons, because of the minimum mass of the Basic Particle, do not have enough obstacles, so they are rejected backwards. In the case of the grouping of the Basic Particle, the photons, which are also made of Basic Particles, simply fit into the mass and thus do not return the information about the obstacles. Because of this, scientists with their microscopes can not determine the true structure of the nucleus cell, within DNA, aside from the fact that they observe a dark emptiness. This fact initiated the scientists that, since the light wave did not return to the core of the galaxy, they thought that there was a special body in the center of the galaxy called the Black Hole. Because of the lack of reflection, we can not see the core of the galaxy if there is no volcanic eruption there. In the center of the active galaxies, we can see the sparkling spaces that emanate the sphere of the core, based on which the size of the galactic core can be assumed.

People will have to find a whole new technology that will enable them to register the existence of souls in the Earth’s gravitational field. In this way, we will be able to follow the “aging” and the movement of our nebula in the space of the universe.

All the current recordings of souls in the universe are fake photographs.

Do all people on the planet have life after death?

No! Individuals who have a long and healthy life and who die with natural death have no life after death! Why ?

People who die of “old age” in fact die in a way that the nuclei of all body cells in the production and reproduction processes are consumed in full, and the organs are over, at the same time. This is how complete death occurs. Neither in one cell organism in this way survives nuclei, even in the smallest quantities. This is the definitive end of a living entity! Behind him remains nothing.

An old saying: “The blessing of the one who lives forever, he has the cause to be born! ” Is not correct. People who live on Earth long and healthy, do not have the afterlife. They, in fact, live the shortest. What a contradiction!

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